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  1. M

    American offshore bank account for non-US citizens

    Hi, After spending hours searching the threads on here, I would like to ask in this new post please: 1) Has anyone made a list of American banks where non-US citizens can open a bank account online without visiting America? A list would be nice as I am sure each bank will have some tiny...
  2. I

    Question Help me please

    I intend to go to live in Indonesia, how could I have an online bank account in Indonesia without going through KYC and avoiding control if I am European, specifically from Spain
  3. Lakmal

    Bank account required for Seychelles company

    Hi Everyone I am looking for help to open a bank account for a 10 year old Seychelles company . We had an account with Euro Pacific for many years but recently they just closed the account for no apparent reason ( I know people on here say banks don't close account randomly but this one they...
  4. H is a Scam company avoid them at all cost for bank account opening

    Hi i am sharing my experience with BBCIncorp | Online Company Formation and Corporate Service although they scammed me but i am no one to judge in your case or services you availed from them, it is general advisory for anyone looking to avail their bank account opening help with Hong Kong or...
  5. alex024

    request to open bank account

    Hello, I am new to the forum, I have a clients (europeen) to whom I open a UK company that also asks me to open a bank, I therefore offer online banking solutions easy to open but my clients do not want to make video conferencing and do not want to move to the bank. I'm looking for one or more...
  6. H

    The best bank for Seychelles company?

    Hello, Can you please recommend me a bank for Seychelles company with whom you have good experience? I was using LeuPay / LeoPay, but they closed my account as many others here.. I need a bank account in Euro, if you also know about some bank account in a CZK currency, let me know. Thank...
  7. hiju

    Explain what bank to use from 2019?

    Hi guys, need to know what bank we shall use in 2019 for offshore banking? Everything is shut down it seems, only possible way left is to open a real Cyprus company with real office which is OK but not sufficient. Dominica seems to have some banking available but I can't reach out to them as...
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