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Question Help me please



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I am Spanish and a 47-year-old pensioner, I would like to go with my wife to live in Indonesia and I would like to be able to start some type of online business. Someone could advise me on visa, bank account to receive pension and cost of setting up business online. Thank you very much I would appreciate help please


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You see a lot of videos from people saying they live in bali but they are likely nomad artsy types overstaying their visas. Indonesia is very restrictive when it comes to starting a business and residency. If you are looking at moving to Indonesia you may be able to get in at Batam, that's where I would try, they have less restrictions.


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Retirement visa

A retirement visa is a temporary stay permit (KITAS or ITAS) for retirement purposes. Retirees who wish to spend their pension in Indonesia are required to present sufficient funds and prove that they have no intention of working in the country.

On top of that, foreigners must present their health record as a confirmation of their good health conditions and hire a domestic helper.

Age is your problem they give to retirement visa for 55 year old.

Residency and Working Visa​

It’s notoriously difficult to get either a residency or working visa in Indonesia. Employers need to prove that they are only employing a foreigner because they can’t find an Indonesian to fill the position. In a country of 260+ million people that’s a tough sell.

Unless you run your own company or you are employed by a large multinational companies forget about getting a residency visa. It’s a shame, because going to immigration every 30 days for a visa extension is a pain in the ass.
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