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High Interest Savings Account for UK Ltd


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Hi, we are an e-commerce company that is sitting on a fair amount of cash. Say depending on the time of year $200-$500K. This cash is both a buffer and savings for taxes etc. The company is UK Ltd is but the owner is an EU citizen (non-UK resident director)
This means opening a UK bank account is pretty difficult. We already have a Barclays account but the saving account interest rate is super low.

Any ideas on where we could park this money to make a little more interest? Could we maybe open a business bank account in another jurisdiction that has a higher interest rate? Or maybe we are just better investing it?
We don't mind fees/delays for withdrawing but still need access to it at any time.


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Barclays account but the saving account interest rate is super low.
There is no RELIABLE bank around with high interest rates in this WORLD !!!

You need to invest the money in Gold, Bitcoins, Property Investment fonds or similar, it's not going to be with a regular business bank account in 2019 not even in 2025 not sure where you lived in the meantime.

Just my


Maybe 2% or higher.
I see

Maybe some mature p2p lending platform like Mintos or Twino could work for you (with reasonable part of your funds) - they have those guaranteed (whatever it means actually) loans where you can get 8-10% and the funds are available within a few days.


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Maybe 2% or higher.
Just open an account with Interactive Brokers for the company. If you really hold cash in USD then you will make around 1.9% interest simply by holding your idle cash there and doing nothing. You can make slightly more by placing the cash in relatively safe short maturity bond indexes like NEAR or MINT or BND or SCHZ.

Naturally you can make much more (and potentially lose much more) by upping the risk.

Andrew Gooden

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Just head over to Panama City, Panama and open an account with a Credit Union. Panama Credit Union are paying as much as 6% up to 8% interest for Certificate of Deposits (CD's) is being offered by some Panama credit unions. Panama credit union retirement savings accounts are paying from 7% to as much as 9% interest.
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