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High Risk Payment Processor for IPTV, Replica and Gaming - Sort it out.


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Apr 28, 2022
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I am looking for one or more payment processors for my businesses.

After I have read a lot here on the forum over the last year, I thought I would try my hand at the businesses where there is a lot of money to be made but which are also really difficult to set up, especially when it comes to banking and card payments.

Fortunately, we have this forum and mentor group gold and an administrator who updates the resource database diligently. But that's not enough, there are quite a lot of documents to be submitted to the bank and payment processor, many questions to be answered and even more corrections to the web pages to be fixed before things lighten up.

I am in full swing with this whole process and I have set out to make a Replica (bags and shoes), an IPTV Channel and an Adult website. As you can read, these are absolutely the most impossible industries I have chosen. I have also decided to only use the resources I find in Mentor Group Gold - just to see if I can confirm that it is worth all the money also for those who only need one or two units i.e. bank, payment process, agent for company formation etc.

Of course the common thread in all this is making $1 Million in 2 months after everything is approved and ready to go online. I have a huge network for traffic and have people hired to do all the SEO.

Please whish me luck, the more replies I get in this thread the more I will post as I do progress.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us in both threads. I was hoping to get a little more details on your business websites.
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I'm working with a processor for my gambling website (must say it will never go and operate in real, just setup for test purpose) with another payment processors that mix the transactions.

I have setup a SaaS website with payment processing, see my update in the journey thread in mentor group
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Who is doing all the website design and work, I can imagine it must be an enormous amount of work to setup the websites and maintain them?
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Any experience with the payment processors @orangeye ?
I add a few good one to your list, please post about if you try.
Congrats with your progress, let me know if you got anything out of my suggested processor!

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