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How do i find out if a company in cyprus is legit?


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Jan 2, 2009
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my partner and i are due to get married in cyprus and i have contacted a company who rent out yachts as a reception they have put me in touch with a wedding planner over there and between them are going to arrange our wedding but when it came to paying the deposits the company did not accept debit cards, cirrus, switch so gave me details to pay it into a bank account. I am not sure about this and would like to investigate the company more before i pay anything to them.

Does anyone no a site where i can find out about these companys and wether they are legit.

The last thing i want is to go to cyprus, turn up at my hotel with my family ready t get married and to find out that we have been ripped off by some company that was just a scam. Please help me to find out more about this......
stay at a hotel like Hilton and then ask them to recommend a good company that you can deal with. And when Hilton helps you out, don't forget to thank Paris!!