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How long does it take to get an Oggshore bank account ?


Offshore Agent
Jan 6, 2009
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Just wondering if someone can tell me how long it will take to open a Offshore Bank account ?

I read on the FAQ that it only takes 2 days, but is the bank account then fully operational ?

And do we get some Internet Banking for the bank account or anything to controll the money ?
I got mine opened within a few days, it didn't took that long, however it to took some time to get the codes for the Internet banking, since it is issued by the bank and need to go the hole way from Cyprus to France, it was about a week or two.

And yes you get an English Internet Banking system for your account which is good, you can transfer money to any bank account within the control panel and always check your balance. The best is I get an SMS each time money is withdrawn or arrives to the bank account :)
It don't take that long to get the bank account it is even worth with the Internet Banking it takes as already said about 1 - 2 weeks.

For some reason it took longer time to get everything in place then for about 1 year ago... but still everything works for me fine.