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How long it takes to open a Cyprus bank account?

Opening a Cyprus bank account does not take too long..

Normally the account is opened within 3 to 4 days IF all documents are delivered to the bank as original. The entire process depends very much on the client and can take from 7 to 14 days to be completed.

That means at most 14 days, or 2 weeks.
I think one week is enough to get a Cyprus Bank Account opened. It may take longer if all hard copies of your documents are not submitted at time of submission of Account opening form with duly signed by the Account holder(s). Never forget you need an introducer to complete the process.
Take note that time of opening a bank account will depend on the bank itself. Documents will be the most frustrating part when you apply for a bank account. Most of the banks today are strict with documents since some are faking them to do illegal business.
Yes it depends from bank to bank. Some back account promise to open an account in 5-7 days while some require atleast 10 days

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