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How many are using the CHAT function in Mentor Group Gold?

I'm using the CHAT function:

  • Not at all!

    Votes: 8 50.0%
  • Only tried it a few times

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • Using it to communicate with other members from time to time.

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Using it almost every day for business activity.

    Votes: 1 6.3%

  • Total voters


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Dec 29, 2008
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We will let this poll run for some time a week or so, if no one is indicating they are using it frequently, we will consider to switch it off.

Please keep posting here as long as the thread is open.

frequent chat user here, mostly in use when new members request for a direct DM/PM as non subscription members cant reachout/communicate directly..

on the premise the chat function is scrapped out, what would be the replacement Tool for MG members?
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