How to hide real name in paypal transactions

Discussion in 'Paypal' started by Jones, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Jones

    Jones New Member

    Ηey im new here, and i admit im pretty excited about finding such a forum. Its really a treasure!

    Im currently looking to make sales through the internet and im mainly using PAYPAL, as it enables me to make international transactions and it is very widely well known and used.

    I currently own a personal account, and i work by accepting payments or sending a payment link or request. The problem is, that when one pays me, they can see my personal FULL NAME. I can see theirs too.

    Thats a big issue for me as i would rather have more privacy and i initially thought that my personal name would NOT be revieled. PAYPAL agents are less than useless when it comes to helping out with this, so i had to search online to find a solution. As far as i have understood i have 2 options:

    1) Upgrade to/create a business account. If i have understood correctly, when i do this the people who pay me will only see the "business name" and not my personal name. However, im not entirely sure this is going to work because:

    -I may have to provide a VAT number or something to prove i own a business in order to update to a business account (thing im unable to do at the moment)

    -It might be obligatory to issue invoices or receipts to the people who pay me

    -Maybe in some transactions (paypalme link for example) my personal name will still show up.

    2) Create another paypal account, maybe with a fake name, and have people pay me there.
    If i want to redeem, i can transfer my money to my real account and then withdraw via bank.

    If you people have an opinion to this, id be more than glad to hear. If you think one option is best, or if you have another idea, please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Laszlo

    Laszlo New Member

    Have you found a way? I am also in the same position.
  3. alma89

    alma89 New Member

    You can not hide your name as it requires your real name to mention in registration process.
  4. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    You will need to use darks or fake documents to do so, they need to be streamlined with the rest of your setup for this to work proparly.
  5. Jones

    Jones New Member

    Actually, i did it by using exactly the second way i mentioned.

    I opened an account with fake name-adress etc, and i linked an old prepaid card of mine so the account can work.

    Now, i cannot withdraw money from this account, but i can send the funds to my real account and then withdraw them to my bank account.
  6. LCC Paypal

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    Dude, I just registered into the forum to reply this... I'm facing the same issue as you were!
    Is there a way to contact you for a quick question's session?

    I hope to receive soon an answer from you.

  7. Jones

    Jones New Member

    You can pm me in here anytime you want.
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  8. LCC Paypal

    LCC Paypal New Member

    How can I pm, my friend?
  9. Admin

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    If you have something to share then do this here.. to use this forum to register and just ask people to PM you is suspicious also taking your username into consideration!
  10. Jones

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    If you're referring to me, you can see I'm not the one who initiated private contact...

    Otherwise, I agree, a paypal agent couldnt be any more obvious.