How to setup anonymous offshore company with PayPal and 2co?

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by uplana, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Business Angel

    When I start reading all the threads about how to get setup anonymously it is difficult and confusing to figure out how you guys are doing it!

    Is there a simple guide or something that can explain to me how to setup such a solution where my name stay out of all troubles and accounts I create with PayPal, 2checkout, Payoneer and so on?
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  2. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Actually you can find lots of information including step by step guides in the Mentor Group if you do an Account upgrade!

    It is not something I go and reveal public any longer, but if you read carefully all the threads around you may get a hint on how to do it ;)
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  3. hofo

    hofo Member Entrepreneur

    I send both of you a PM / started conversation. I'm interested in learning more about this solution please?

    What exactly does it mean to have a "stealth paypal" ?
    How can we open a PayPal account anonymous?
    What is required to stay safe with PayPal account closure?

    Hope some can help me answer the questions or sell me a PayPal account I can use for my business.
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  4. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Business Angel

    You want to open a thread in order not to hijack this thread!

    Stealth paypal account is an account opened with fake ID or otherwise verified paypal account! They are used for transactions risky and whith a high dispute rate!

    Ask @auric for help to open such an account he can help you!
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  5. maxmoney

    maxmoney Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    I have setup something with a Seychelles corp, docs from @auric and 2checkout. no problem so far. My only problem is PP at the moment they take ages to re verify my account! :(
  6. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Did it work as you expected it to do? You only setup a Seychelles company or a Belize too?
  7. khan

    khan Corporate Services Business Angel

    Will be doing the same with a Belize company and Cyprus bank account, going for 2checkout and advance cash as per suggestion here. Later when I have time I will try LeuPay and WorldCore to see if it is going to work for me as expected!
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  8. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Let us know the outcome ;)
  9. hofo

    hofo Member Entrepreneur

    Thank you. I tried to work it all out with PayPal but I had to try 3 times with 3 set of docs and different VPS before it worked :D man it cost me a lot of money but finally I have a fully verified and working PayPal account! It's personal I didn't wanted to waste more time on corporate account.
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  10. brutalzorn

    brutalzorn Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    Can you please tell me if that was working for you? do you found a solution?
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  11. bountymounty

    bountymounty Active Member Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur

    Today you need @auric if you want to setup this right? or you have found some way to get it setup?
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  12. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Business Angel

    It works the best at least if you want to be sure not revealing your identity!
  13. sirjones

    sirjones Member

    You got your business setup with documents, company and paypal?
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  14. brutalzorn

    brutalzorn Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    I have all setup this way. Took me some time and some help from the nice @auric but we got it setup :)
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  15. sirjones

    sirjones Member

    How did you get help Sir??
  16. brutalzorn

    brutalzorn Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    Ask @auric to contact you and he will get in touch with you pretty fast.
  17. sirjones

    sirjones Member

    Thank you for the help.
  18. SoFast

    SoFast Member

    I'm speaking with him about a few setups! great advise!
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  19. sirjones

    sirjones Member

    I say @auric has been of ultra great awesome help! Thank you thank you very much!

    Today I got my company documents perfectly registered anonymous! thu&¤#thu&¤#
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  20. belarus

    belarus Active Member Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur

    You did with Belize or Cyprus?