How to setup total anonymous company? I need to protect my personal name?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by fanban, May 15, 2018.

  1. fanban

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    I need to protect my personal name in some business matters! How can I do that? I need to be 200% sure that my name can't be found in anyway throughout the process of the business deal.

    Do you think it is possible?

    There is nothing illegal into it or dangerous but it can be a deal breaker if my name shows up.
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  2. W4rhol

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    Everything depends if you are a political/famous person or not. Once you have some "fame" you can be sure that everything will pop-out one day or another
  3. fanban

    fanban New Member

    thank you. I'm not famous I just need to acquire a business without anyone to know that's me that buy it!
  4. fanban

    fanban New Member

    How would some of you go about this? any input please?
  5. Admin

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    Well it depends very much on your budget and what it is you try to do here. Is it just your name you can use a Belize corp. with nominees and good is.

    Is it tax avoidance it's a different story. Is it intellectual property or copyrights you want to protect it's again a different story.
  6. diablo

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    I would setup a Belize company with nominee director and shareholder in order to avoid most problems in regards to privacy and anonymity.
  7. happyjohn

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