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    Hi and Welcome to this forum, we hope it will bring you great benfit and that you will spend some time here.

    You can use this forum to introduce your self, make a few lines about what you are doing, who you are, what you are your goals and so on... let us know something about you. :)

    Ohh I'm the Administrator on this forum and I will follow it close, what I do, I think you know it, else look in my profile. Have a great time, and let me know if we can be of any help.
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    just started today and hope i can be of help to those looking for it. I want to reply to you specifically because the intent of the forum, from what I gather, is to help everyone get the best deal. I'd like to make know what I do, have you check it out and let me know if it's ok to talk about it here. I work for the Interchange Brokerage Co. We help merchant s recover anywhere from 8-20% of their core processing costs and we do this on a contingency basis. We are not a processor nor are we looking to acquire anyone's merchant account. We actually work with the clients' processor and are able to have various hidden fees and/or surcharges removed. Our work is guaranteed because our compensation is based on our performance. Unlike the banks where the more you make the more they take, with us the less they take the more we make. As a merchant client we gaurantee you will make at least double our fee and again, payable after performance. So please, check us out, feel free to ask questions but please, let me know what you think. I believe we offer a valuable service to our merchant clients and a tremendous opportunity for each and every merchant, whether online or brick n mortar. BTW, this is available only to USA merchants at this time. Thanks
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    need some good advice


    I live in the Bahamas and own a beach bar. I'd like to take credit cards but our banks take a big chunk then there is government stamp tax and a curency exchange fee for every transaction. Ideally I'd like to accept the cards through an intermediary and have the funds deposited into my US bank account

    any suggestions?
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    Welcome aboard both of you, also to the Admin :) Now, it is fine to introduce your self before any posting, but you may getter and faster replies if you address your questions in the forums where they belong to...

    For instant for credit card processing etc, it is this forum:

    How to Accept Credit Card Payments - Offshore Company Forum

    I'm alway happy to help to make our new users enjoy...
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    I just found this site. It's seems a great venue. I am looking forward in which to gathering information from the many threads available.
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    Nice..! Very helpful information, thank you for putting your time into it! keep up the great work and Info.
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    Your welcome ;) Why no introduce your self so we may know who you are and why you came here?
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    Freshman here...

    Hi i'm kinda new here in this forum...I just want information about offshore technology that's why I join this site. I used to work on an offshore pipe repair company years ago.
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    Hi! UK citizen here currently contracting in Europe, working on my “Plan B”. I hope to travel the world with my laptop!

    Great forum :D
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    Consulting since 10 years, found this great forum with lot of info.

    Good alternative and resources for offshore consulting
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    Welcome aboard, you may want to create your own thread and describe yourself a little ;)
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    Welcome aboard, you may want to create your own thread and describe yourself a little ;)
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    Welcome aboard tweety, hope you enjoy:hello: Why not open a thread on your own?
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    Hi, hoping to find info and share experience

    Hi, I have been reading the site for a few days now. I am coming here to hopefully find info on a specific area of business I would like to develop on an offshore area. I have been doing IT administrative support roles over 10 years and would like to find a niche for my services through an offshore contracting situation. Hope to read and learn much more here as I try to develop my business.

    wmb - U.S.
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    Welcome aboard wmbiinj, I hope you enjoy.
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    First time here

    Hi! I reside in the South Pacific, and this is my first time here. I am looking to increase my knowledge base about offshore opportunities and learn what is available. I am pretty clueless about offshore anything, and only recently have begun to research offshore trusts, insurance policies, banks, etc. I did create an offshore LLC in the BVI some years ago because…… well, it's a much longer story than what people might be willing to tolerate in an introduction. Anyway, I never had any use for it, so it just sits there.

    So, I would be pleased to get to know the other members and share knowledge and experiences.
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    Welcome aboard jazz, you could as well start your own thread, anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay:welcome:
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    Hi everyone I'm glad to have found this site! It helps a lot to get some questions answered that may be hard to find and i have a lot of questions :) . I'm a college graduated and involved in traveling and freelance journalism. I found this site and really enjoy reading other peoples stories because I look to start my own business overseas. In a lot of ways this site is much like a college class. It's a great source of information!
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    Welcome aboard hope you enjoy your stay :)
  20. Avalon^Darko

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    Hello you and me incognito in tokio i do hope you guys are doing well well well i seem do be new here actually i am oh where are my manners i am avalon darko from germany i am 19 so it seem haha still you fresh and have been trough a pretty bad situation with my mommy hmm mommy i do mean mother for over 3 years still not over the child welfare office the problem is that we are in the ownerchip of a bigger house and they want to have it so what are they doing offcurse way not steal my smaller brother he is now 12 the price of the accommodation is between 4000-8000 euro,s offcurse we dont have the money in cash and even when we would i surely dont want do pay that my brother does not want do go he is scared that something could happen now i see that they are almost at the end and whant do take verluci that is my brother but i need to be faster so i,m working at bringing him out of germany without them knowing where he is or they might look for him and take him in also i what to create an offshore company do protect our money you never know what can happen next also i would like to become succsessfull for that is the way do go to give my mom brother and my self my family ect. a better life and take control over bad situations i need to know if an offshore or LLC in deleware is the right thing to make and what bank does not give my information out like the owner of the bank account actually a credit card that does not link to me but connected with my company so the credit card of that company offshore i still need to learn a lot about does opportunity,s for life thank you i do hope you guy,s can assist me in my escape to freedom and prosperity
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