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Hi All,

This looks to be a great source of info for a beginner like me to gain a better understanding of setting up an offshore company and how to run it effectively.

So, as the Admin has suggested here is a bit about me, my thoughts so far and where I could do with some help...

I’m presently a freelance U.K. based engineer but in the near future I’m hoping to finalise a contract in the Far East. That being the case I’ll spend approx 2/3 of my time each tax year overseas, i.e more than 183 days.

The company I’ll be working for have the ability (subject to some final clarification) to pay my current U.K. Ltd company, or a new offshore company set up in HK or Marshall Islands. Other offshore centres may also be possible.

Being new to all of this I’m looking to learn from likeminded member who have done something similar and also learn more about EMI, how these work with the above duristrictions etc etc.

The reason for mentioning the Marshall Islands is that I’m led to believe they have little requirement for major accounting exercises each year and of course a degree of anonymity

Finally the end game, to “try” and get some of my hard earned cash back to the U.K. as I’ll return to the U.K. after my Far East assignment and pick up more U.K. based work.

Look forward to hearing from all of you and building my story for the benefit of others.


Hans Hoffmann

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I have currently finished my career in banking. I have spent over 15 years in banking sector which was focused on working with offshore companies and wealthy customers. I am here to get new knowledge and to share my thoughts and expierience with people who were on the opposite side of barricades for me for the last 15 years. Also currently im doing business in georgia and helping some of my previous banking customers.

I hope that we will go a long road with this forum.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day:)


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