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Introduce your self!

Welcome and enjoy the forum thu&¤#
welcome aboard, there are no stupid questions as long as they are serious ;)
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Your welcome ;) Why no introduce your self so we may know who you are and why you came here?
Hello! I really appreciate the site and the assistance I see. I'm new, not a newborn, but new to the offshore concept. I have life savings I need to preserve if possible against the failed USD. I will be looking for advice on opening a personal account with the least problem and a safe bank, like everyone else. Presently live in the US, GA, but have traveled and lived in several countries, including Russia.
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Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay thu&¤#
My apologies for forgetting to grace you with my grand introduction earlier. I'm your friendly monkey whisperer by day and sun-kissed beach aficionado by night. I'm also the brilliant mind behind the revolutionary Johnny Doe Life Coach System™, the secret sauce to success, sprinkled with a dash of monkey magic and beachy vibes. Trust me, I've got more tricks up my sleeve than a mischievous monkey with a piñata!
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I'm B, I'm from the Eastern US, I'm into merchant processing, I have issues with opening business checking accounts remotely - it's become a problem recently, and I'm on a constant lookout for merchant service providers who are lenient towards high CB ratio. I like this forum, I had purchased Gold membership a couple times and it's worth it's value. I wish this forum well.
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Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay thu&¤#
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Nice to have found a place with good information, just upgraded to gold and looking forward to finding out solutions to my needs ;)
Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay.

We always appreciate community members who upgrade their accounts to mentor group gold ;)
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