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IPTV payment gateway? - UK LTD

That's right, there are risks.
but those risks are on my side and I know how to handle them.
So what you're saying is that we should push through €100k or €400k through your PayPal setup and then cross our fingers that if things go south, you'll cover the loss 100%!

It crosses my mind that this is naive thinking, and one might be a bit foolish to do so, and I don't believe that about the businesses capable of generating a turnover of between 100 and 400 thousand euros in a month.

But let it be up to the individual, I'm eager to see the drama unfold.
I'm not trying anything other than to understand how you will guarantee that you can recover the money from a PayPal account that is loaded with thousands of euros. But as said, not my problem, let it be someone else's problem.

Good luck with your business, and I only hope to read positive things about it, then I would like to bring a project to you.
A rhythmic payouts is the best way to guarantee against such risks and I do them
The client does not need to be afraid for these risks because they are on my side.

By the way, I already have several clients from this forum, but this is not public information.

So if you have a project and are interested in my solution - write me and we will discuss everything and all the risks too
You'll definitely need to come up with something more convincing if you want to get the big sharks on board. I would never even consider contacting you based on such vague background because it all smells a bit like if things were to go wrong, it wouldn't be something you could help with, and we would be left to deal with our problems on our own.
PM me if you need recommendations I own a iptv site as well working currently with a service that does a good job they got weekly payments tho in crypto
Awesome, would appreciate your help then. I send you a PM.
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That's right, there are risks.
but those risks are on my side and I know how to handle them.
How would you protect the merchant from any loss, I'm curious to learn about it please?
You might agree that it's not logical for me to tell you how it works.
So please PM me to help understand your solution I may be interested to learn how this works and test your solution.

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