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Is there a database with shops accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto coins?

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I want to learn about luxury shops that accept bitcoins and altcoins as payment method!

Most I look for precious metal, jewelry and brand clothes, does this exists?


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I don't think there is a database.

But checkout this survey by HSBC bank HSB Survey Finds One-Third of Small Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency bitcoin is taking over the crypto marked and the no 1 payment method when it comes to crypto payments.

Here is a serach engine that let you search exactly for what you are looking for

Here is the search for Jewelry

Beside that, Wikipedia accept donations by bitcoins and Microsoft allows the use of Bitcoins to top up your Microsoft account.

And the best is KFC in Canada accepts bitcoins as payment. So you can buy you big Tenders or chicken box total anonymous.



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I remember that one of the leading crypto sites used to have a huge list, but it was somewhat outdated, and many of the companies were local companies. The number of big companies accepting crypto payments is much smaller, and I do not know how the situation is these days. I know for some time even Microsoft accepted it.

These days however, some of the biggest exchanges offer debit cards, so you can pay with crypto practically anywhere for most anything! As for luxury items, I remember there was even one website specifically for that, where even houses were sold, but of course it won't work to buy gold bars with debit cards offered by crypto exchanges.


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You can buy gold in Singapore with BTC, or take a walk to your gold district you will see the "we accept bitcoin" sign in the window.
Or just go in and ask.


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why not load a card and buying as you said @boomy ?

Bitcoin is another method to move your money that might reduce costs or traceability but the final step will need gymnastics to anonymize.

Bitcoin loaded cards are not only from crypto exchanges, several digital banks offer that as an option. Even if you want to do this anonymous it is still an option.
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