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Has anyone used this company's services to accept credit card payments? I have an LLC registered in the US but I'm not the US resident. I have applied to many companies to get a merchant account, but without success. I received a rejection from this company too after about 2 weeks of reviewing my application. Now they offer me to open a company in the UK and IBAN for 1000 USD and after opening offers the services of a nominee Director for 2500GB/year to get a merchant account, they give a guarantee of approval in this case about 80%. I found reviews on them in Google but they all look like paid reviews. Before that, I used the services of Stripe but they closed my account and I waited for my money for 90 days.


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sounds to be a scam, the domain name alone says me that I don't want to do any payment processing with them baw3##


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@Nick861 Your situation is the same as mine. I did some search online and can see any non US citizen can open a business in US, get a bank account but limited to use stripe or paypal or echeck as mode of processing. Banks don't even do Zelle on business bank accounts. Apparently, one must be a US citizen with 600+ credit score to get a merchant account, online payment gateway or such tool to accept credit and debit cards.

Now unlike USA, EEA Region, which is UK and EU 28 countries allows anyone to open a business and bank account in this region and start a business. Again like in the USA , some banks in EEA region require nominee director to be off that region.

So businesses have many options to do business, one can go to Panama or the Caribbean. the list is on. I found many such companies like this one offering similar services.

@aage on the other hand, I think it's a solid name, Merchant Stronghold , also sent an inquiry , waiting to hear from an account manager, will keep you how it goes.
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution