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Isle of Man offshore company, anyone know where to go ?


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Feb 25, 2010
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The title says it all, anyone know how to form a company in Isle of Man?

It seems many of the googled companies which look reputable don't offer this service, whoc do I go to ask ?

Any input is appreciated.
Some information for you, I didn't realise to find a reliable service yet for the incorporation of an Isle of Man company, but will try to digg some up...

This article covers the main features of an Isle of Man offshore company, how to establish such an entity, the advantages of the jurisdiction and how best to incorporate to achieve maximum taxation savings.
Other than companies which are established to profit from the acquisition and development of property or land or companies established in the Isle of Man which will derive profit from banking, all other Isle of Man offshore companies formed are exempt from taxation on profit making the haven tax free for correctly established offshore company structures.

To form a company within the jurisdiction it’s a requirement that offshore companies have a minimum of one shareholder which can either be a corporate entity or a given individual. Details of shareholders will appear on public files and therefore those who are establishing within the offshore haven seeking privacy and confidentiality should make use of nominee shareholders – a service offered by the majority of legitimate offshore solution providers. Furthermore it makes sense to have an Isle of Man based company secretary because the company has to have a local registered office.

Naturally for an Isle of Man offshore company formation to take place there is also a requirement for directors to be appointed; there must be a minimum of two, corporate directors are not permitted and again details of all directors appear on public files and records and it’s often advisable to pay for the services of third party professional directors based locally in the Isle of Man. While this offers the one advantage that the company’s creator’s details remain private, it also means that the best taxation advantages afforded by an Isle of Man offshore company can be obtained.

In terms of reporting requirements there’s an annual need to provide details of shareholders and directors and an annual requirement to submit accounts for the local tax authority. Those considering the jurisdiction for their own company incorporation requirements should speak to specialist offshore solution providers to ensure their needs will be met with an Isle of Man offshore company formation and that they can legitimately save tax and conduct their business through such an entity.

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