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Latest forecast for Ethereum $4000 within 3 weeks?

All depends on how quickly the liquidity floods in IMO.

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We will see later this year who is right and who is wrong. I believe that Ethereum has a future.
Bitcoin exists to separate money from the state.

Shitcoins only utility is to separate idiots from their bitcoin. People will only get rekt this way. Ethereum is just the a*****e where all Shitcoins originated (they try to separate you from your BTC all the time).

So don't sell your BTC for shitcoins and temporary pleasure.

Your thought? IMO ETH price should be 7-8k min, comparing with 60-70k BTC. But we have what we have.
Yeah, it was shortly up 4K $ however, now it is below. Some spoke about 7 - 8K for ETH which would be the point where I sell. But it is far far away still!
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