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Learning PHP


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Apr 9, 2009
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what makes a good PHP programmer? It is the ability to write effective, secure code quickly. Effective means using as little code as possible for the task at hand as well as learning which code is the least wasteful on your server resources (this is technically called refactoring). Secure means that your code is as safe as possible from malicious users and crackers.

To be a quick PHP coder means that you have a thorough knowledge of the syntax and functions as well as library of code which you have created and testing on live websites and that you can bring into new web developments.

You'll often read a reference to "clean code" amongst PHP heads (and all other code writers for that matter) and above is essentially what they mean by this term.

If you really want to learn PHP though I can guarantee one thing: that you will succeed if you have enough time and are determined enough.

PHP is the world's most popular web development language. It is estimated that for every 100 PHP developers, there are 42 Perl developers, 12 Python developers and 4 Ruby developers - PHPs popularity is the central reason why you should consider learning it above all others.

PHP is the basis of Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress so gaining a knowledge of PHP would help you in using these scripts.
If you are managing to write PHP code you will have plenty of work available and be able to make good money with your coding. There are not that many (compared to the total number of programmers out there) which can make clean and code PHP code.

Beside the clean code it also is about fast application run, some make clear PHP code but once the web aplication has to load it is slow and miscoded.
In the end, no matter how many certificates you have or how complicated is the coding that you do, your clients will only care about the results. If you can do a real-world job and provide a good useful program, that's the best thing