LeuPay.EU - Review please is it a good offshore bank?

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by maxmoney, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    For small amounts they are good. You want to mix your inventory with Mister Tango and Revolut accounts and even AdvCash so you can split your hard earned money!
  2. Yaneek

    Yaneek New Member Entrepreneur

    What is the best reason to say when they ask why I want to use their service?
  3. void

    void Active Member Entrepreneur

    I do always say I'm sick of my current bank and their fees and want to try their feature rich service :-D. Kissing someone's ass always works...
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  4. lookingforward

    lookingforward New Member Entrepreneur

    I am using Leupay for almost a year already, had no issues with them and support service was quick (had an issue with their new touchless card, some shops double charged me) they got my money back in two days.

    Had also no issue on their transfer to Bulgarian IBAN, all maltese IBANs still work until 2nd of June, will have to stop using them after that for sure, as im using it also as some kind of salary card from my Maltese company.

  5. Yaneek

    Yaneek New Member Entrepreneur

    Have you used them for bigger amounts, for example 5-10k transactions? Do they always ask for invoices?
    What does the verification consist of? What do they ask?

    Do you have the list of documents required for business accounts?

    Funny avatar btw :)
  6. lookingforward

    lookingforward New Member Entrepreneur

    Sadly i am using it as Personal Account as "salary" account from my own company to me, Transactions variate from 2 to 7k monthly, had zero problems with that.

    Cant answer on business account usage. Maybe i would not recommend them as business account since they moved their main forces to Bulgaria, same reason why i will close my account for personal use as well.

    I knew that someone will like my avatar tho :)
  7. Yaneek

    Yaneek New Member Entrepreneur

    So you send from your offshore bank to your personal leupay as salary? What do you tell your bank?
    My main problem is that my bank asks too many questions and documents for pretty much all transactions. I am not sure how salaries work with offshore companies. Do you invoice from personal name to your offshore?

    Or do you say it's dividends?
  8. Brutus

    Brutus New Member Entrepreneur

    Something wrong with Bulgaria?
  9. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Business Angel

    what bank do you use? Is it a offshore bank or a local bank?
  10. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    Why don't you setup a simple fake UK company, invoice this company and tell LeuPay it is consultancy work or copyright's you get paid for?!
  11. lookingforward

    lookingforward New Member Entrepreneur

    Nothing wrong with Bulgaria, as i mentioned before, it was Satabank before(maltese iban) so i had pretty fast transfers from Maltese company with Maltese bank. Also when they've been working with satabank i had a chance to just go to their office if i had any problem. Now its completely different
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  12. AlexNikoula

    AlexNikoula New Member

    please, guys, I want help here
    my PayPal account did not accept my leupay visa card or bank account because I didn't find any way to charge my leupay account any help please I want to link it with my PayPal thanks.