LeuPay.EU - Review please is it a good offshore bank?

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by maxmoney, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Tamarind

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    They are still fine, just leaving a little of a bad taste with so many changes, so often, still good for not so big amounts.
  2. Triumph

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    Have been trying for two + weeks to get an email address changed to get the welcome email for a corporate account. At oeast 20 plus emails and 40 phone calls during this time. Have sent all compliance documents etc to them. Incredibly poor customer support so far.

    Has anyone used them for larger 250k per month deposits?
  3. inty

    inty New Member

    don't forget the 30k limit @Triumph
    Leu not an option for such big deposits
  4. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    30K for Personal accounts.
    100K for Business accounts. This limit can be increased.
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  5. Triumph

    Triumph Banned Users BANNED MEMBER

    $30k for corporate accounts? The introducing companies house said they have clients who send 10x that figure every week. So i know thats not accurate.
  6. Triumph

    Triumph Banned Users BANNED MEMBER

    Their support seems to be aids though, over two weeks to answer an email regarding a simple account change.
  7. inty

    inty New Member

    thanks for correcting me on this, you're right
  8. David97255

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    Hi all
    First of all thanks to Admin. It s an incredible tools forum you have made.
    I m new here but not at all in the offshore business
    Anyway concerning Leupay. I worked with them since 2 years and only with business accounts.
    End of the year they have blocked 5 accounts i used with different companies. Total amount is 144k euros.
    They asked for european bank to send back the money and closed the account.
    I give them for one account all the requested part: bank letter with stamp and signature. They never send back the money. I call everyday to their call center and same answer "we will keep in touch with you soon". With my expeexperie it s smell bad. Will keep you informed.
  9. XIX

    XIX New Member

    Hi All, I need your support please!!!

    LeuPay has blocked my account about a month ago. my account has received $100k and they started questioning me for additional documents which I have provided every time. it has been 2 weeks since the last time I've sent them the last document and still nothing?? they saying the "internal department" is still checking my account. what internal department they are talking about and why my account is been blocked?!?

    The money came from a licensed entity so obviously, there's no AML issues here. if they have an issue with this wire, why they didn't reject it or sending it back to the original sender? I've sent an email to [email protected] but didn't hear from them and its been 4 business days.

    Can someone help me here? what should I do with them? I'm thinking to fly to the UK but is their address is even a functioning office??

    Please send me your answers as soon as possible.
    Greatly appreciate it!!!!
  10. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    What sort of docs are they asking for? Where is this licensed entity based that sent funds? The department that would be handling this would be the compliance department.
  11. XIX

    XIX New Member

    @Martin Everson They asked what's the purpose of that deposit, show us proofs, show us agreements and invoice and i just feel like they like to harras their clients. the money came from a registered and licensed company that i work with and for,. i had many payments since may 2017 and they never asked me anything about those payments, suddenly they started to harras me and my account is still blocked. i have sent a complaint email to sata-bank as well as malta financial service authority. they have no right to hold my funds, if they had an issue with the last wire they should reject it. 1 month to verify documents is a lie and bs! they keep telling me at the call center the "internal department" is still reviewing it. review it?? are you joking me!!! everything is legitimate what do you need to verify. what a scam this company! i spoke today to the manager at the call center and i tild him they better release my funds or ill go to the UK regulator also!

    Anything else you think i should i do??
  12. Tamarind

    Tamarind New Member Entrepreneur

    Buddy, state the company in what country is it, what does it do, what service did you charge them so they wired you the money. Why are you hiding the info? No one wants names but the nature of business.

    You can't come here and say LeuPay blocked me without explaining whats the nature of the business you have done or the type of income.

    We need clear info to know future issues with Banks, so we all know what to expect, you want help, yet you give nothing.

    I always send email to LeuPay a week upfront before the wire is about to be sent to me, with clear info, have yet to be blocked, have sent in advance agreements, invoices etc. never had issue.

    They are not a scan, just that they don't like "scammers".
  13. XIX

    XIX New Member

    @Tamarind I already did. Just didn’t feel comfortable putting it here. They know which country the company is at and also the name of the company and it’s address cause it’s in the wire. I provided them all the documents they asked and the nature of this relationship but they are playing shady games. Never in my life I had to explain wired coming to my account, why do I need to now? There’s no fraud here or scam from my side, I had my account for 8 months operating normally and no questions so why now?? Obviusoly very unqualified staff they have there. I didn’t know that I need to give them heads up for wires, never had to do it with any other bank of financial service company I received wired from the same company twice a month for 8 months so why they decide only now to block my account??? And ask questions????
    Also, if this last wire is “suspicious” than okay reject it back to the sender or reject it now, but they can’t hold funds that not theirs it’s not they money! I already sent an email to [email protected] and also to Malta financial service authority. I’m going to use a lawyer next and sue them!! They will get a fine for doing what they doing now as it is illegal to hold funds for 30 days without giving proper explanations why it’s been halted.

    They can block account and close accounts if they wish but they can’t hold the money and Definitly not try to steal it from me!
    I worked for this money!!!!!
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  14. Tamarind

    Tamarind New Member Entrepreneur

    So why not use a proper Bank with legit business, but you are using LeuPay a virtual Bank that you can't talk to anyone?
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  15. David97255

    David97255 Active Member Entrepreneur

    First of all, you dont speak with real staff it sounds like a call center. They are just here to tell you by phone that the dedicated department is working on it.
    I have same cases with own and customers account.
    We are working with lawyer actually to make a common claim at court.
    If the money is clean if you gave all supporting documents so they can't hold money.
    I think you will have to take a lawyer to claim your rights because after almost 3 monthes there is no discussion with them. This is my tip good luck
  16. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    @XIX This doesn't sound good. I am pretty sure they have filed a suspicious transaction report with regulators in UK. Leupay operates and is regulated in the UK with Malta based bank accounts at Satabank. This whole incident maybe because the registered and licenses company you got funds from may have come up on a blacklist of known money laundering houses when sata spot checked the payment. It could be worse it could be yourself that has now shown on up on the blacklist. Remember any accusations of fraud or other against your name that is on the internet is swept into an application called World Check. If the bank runs a scan and finds a match against your name or the sender they have to investigate the severity of the warning on the system and also file a report. Trust me Leupay won't like doing this but it is their obligation and no one customer is worth more than their license.

    We can also assume the country is a gray listed country such as Ukraine or perhaps Nigeria because you won't mention it. It won't be a country like France or Canada or you would have mentioned it. In any case they cannot inform you of any investigation as its considered tipping off a suspect. You are right to get a lawyer and regulator involved if you genuinely have no concern over the sender, yourself and the sending country.

    Good luck.
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  17. MarioSmith

    MarioSmith New Member

    We normally work with Montenegro banks for such cases.
    Or good FinTech options.
  18. diablo

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    You may provide some names for these banks, and better some links, your posts seems to be hidden advertising or simple spam!
  19. MarioSmith

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  20. eros

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    Hi guys, I am new here and... apologies if I am in the wrong thread etc etc I want to ask you something explaining my situation:
    I have a Ltd company in the Uk, which is a travel agency basically, and I receive payments from Europe, I mean bank transfers, and I need a debit card issued in Euros to buy flight tickets for these people coming over to visit the Uk. I tried all the traditional banks, RBS, BoS, tsb, clydesdale, hsbc, barclays etc etc and they charge from 6 to 10 £ every time you receive a bank transfer over 100 Euros, which is crazy! Moreover not one provides a euro debit card which I need to buy flights for my customers. Just now I have a sterling business account with Barclays and also a euro business account with Barclays, they are ok, the only problem is that when I receive euros on my euro account I exchange them with a broker and transfer into pounds on the sterling account but then I have to use the sterling debit card to buy tickets.
    Doing that I loose a lot of money with the 2% transaction fee of the sterling debit card coz I buy from European websites...so when I saw Leupay I thought that it is my solution as I can open euro and sterling business accounts, have 2 debit cards, one in euros and one in pounds, get bank transfers on my euro account without paying commissions for receiving money, use my debit card online without paying anything, I will never put money on the accounts using cards etc, I'll never withdraw, the money will always be there to make flights and pay expenses with the 2 debit cards and that's it... every single trip is invoiced so I don't have any problems or stories about trying to avoid taxes, I love paying my taxes in the Uk and yeah I forgot that every year I'll transfer the dividends from the Leupay sterling account to my personal account with Hsbc in the UK and pay taxes on my dividends. So my question to you and I have seen that Internationaloff knows a lot about Leupay, is : what you think? Is it the best solution for my situation?
    Thanks a lot and sorry again if I posted my story in a wrong place lol