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llc new mexico address and mercury account opening

Just go here and put in the address ZIP Code™ Lookup | USPS

If it says N for CMRA then you are good to go.


Basically mercury wants a physical address that is not a PO box and not CMRA. NewMexicoRegistered agent offers physical address with unique suite number in their $19/month (that's what they say on the website: New Mexico Virtual Office | Professionalism + Privacy). You can ask them the address before purchasing the virtual office plan and check it on the usps website.

Good videos about this topic:

Please share your experience, as I'm going to be doing the exact same thing in a few weeks.
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I am forming a New Mexico LLC through newmexicoregisteredagent.
next I want to open a mercury account.
I ask you if the address provided by newmexicoregisteredagent is accepted at Mercury because I am aware that many times it does not accept companies with widely used addresses.
Or can you recommend a virtual office service.
Thank you
did you get your mercury account and do you have US customers?

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