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  1. miner

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    I am talking about a local bitcoin wallet such as electrum. A wallet where the private key is stored on my local computer. Not some website / cloud service.

    Can such a bitcoin address be legally assigned to a offshore cooperate? How would that work? In case anyone ever asks about it, just show a document which states that a certain bitcoin address is the property of the company?
  2. rsa pgp

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    I've never heard of a BTC wallet being assigned to a corporation. What benefit would this have? For tax purposes?
  3. miner

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    Yes, for tax purposes. Better having assets assigned to company than private property. Also asset protection. It might not be "yours" then.
  4. Stefano3323

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    If the company is incorporated in a jurisdiction where the incorporation agent is required to know your bank account information than just set a shareholders vote where they all agree to approve that specific wallet as company asset, and then communicate that to the incorporation agent. If the company is incorporated in a jurisdiction where you have full privacy, just run an internal vote and keep record of it.