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  1. T

    Intergiro - do you have an account with them?

    Hello, I noticed that there is a lot of talk about this EMI "Intergiro", so I did some research and found that they accept crypto business. So I want to know (for those who already have an account with them), do they really accept crypto business? I do not mean to send and receive from the...
  2. T

    The best EMI / BANK for crypto business!!

    Hi, As everyone knows, there are currently many banks that support the crypto industry and allow transfers to and from crypto exchanges or from third parties for the purpose of selling cryptocurrencies. But the question here is, is there really a good EMI/bank to do this and not be so strict...
  3. A

    need aged payplal accounts

    Hello i need aged PayPal account(biz/personal) with transaction history
  4. B

    Any feedback about "Transactive" ?

    Hello guys, Any review/feedback about "Transactive Group" Thanks
  5. 1

    BVI / Panama PayPal business account

    Hello, Anyone know or have experience with opening Paypal business account to receive payments for a BVI company? Same question for Panamanian company? Is it even possible and if yes, are there any limitations? Thanks
  6. B

    Does anyone have "ibsettle" account? or help to get an account with them

    Hello, Please is there anyone here have an account on "ibsettle" and his experience with them, and whether they are very strict and what are the rates of acceptance of applications. Or anyone who can provide this service. Thanks
  7. B

    Does anyone here have "clearjunction" account?

    Hello, Does anyone here have an account with "clearjunction"? I need to know some information like: How long did it take for an account to be opened? and some questions and i will pay for that. Thanks
  8. B

    Clear Junction Reviews?

    Hello, Does anyone here have experience or use "Clear Junction"? I want to move to this EMI because i'm really tired of the EMI that i use right now. What about their compliance is it strict and difficult like other EMIs? Thanks
  9. B

    Help with opening Revolut account

    Hello everyone, Does anyone here have a solution or suggestion to help open a business account with Revolut. I contacted them to open a business account, but the problem is that they require that the person reside in Europe or have European citizenship. I have acompany in EU but i'm not from...
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    Who is the best? GuruPay or Verifo? any suggestions!!

    Hello everyone. - Currently, I am in contact with these two EMI's: Verifo and GuruPay for opening a business account (my company business: buying and selling crypto vs FIAT). If I was accepted into these two EMI's. Who is better in general? Bank transfers speed, not strict, fast support, ...
  11. B

    Any reviews about "Satchel" ?

    Hello, I'm still looking for EMI for my company to buy and sell crypto vs FIAT (OTC) and today i heard about "Satchel". Please any reviews? are they good? and crypto-friendly? or any suggestions about better EMI's crypto-friendly with a good prices. Regards,
  12. B

    Any reviews / feedback about "IBS - International Business Settlement"

    Hello, I want to open a business account to buy and sell crypto vs FIAT to my customers and i'm thinking to apply at IBS. So, please any feedback about "IBS" are they good? not strict? Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. B

    Help with opening a bank account (Crypto-friendly)

    Hello, i am from north Africa and i have a company registered in Lithuania as a crypto exchange ( Like a license because there is no license in Lithuania ). I want to get a bank account in "EU" for my company (The bank or "EMI" should be crypto-friendly). Any suggestions please? I know many...
  14. D

    Question What's The Best Way to Setup my Online Consulting Business?

    Hey everyone, I'll be starting an online consulting+sales business very soon, and I'd love to get some suggestions on the best way I can set it up in a foreign country in order to fully avoid paying taxes via a territorial tax system, or greatly minimize them. The online business I'm planning...
  15. J

    Best business bank account / emi for UK based crypto startup?

    Hello community What is the best UK based bank or EMI which accepts a UK based startup dealing in cryptocurrency? The company will use third party monies to invest them with certain DeFi products. Are there any good and cryptofriendly EMIs or banks in the UK including Jersey, Isle of Man and...
  16. carlosbl

    Opening business accounts on crypto exchanges. AML documentation and procedures.

    Hi to all, Has anyone experience opening corporate accounts on crypto exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase)? I'm trying to open them for a Hong Kong company, and they ask for a hell of AML/CFT related documentation and procedures. Thanks in advance.
  17. TonyKutunio

    Need Help!

    Need help, all I want is to buy and sell bitcoin from public to public without having issues with my bank. They blocking account for security reasons and keep asking for additional details of transactions. I operate with GBP in UK with personal current account!! Around £30k per month. Yes I...
  18. J Denied registration resident

    I am trying to register for and account using my UK ltd registered business, But I am encountering issues getting past the stage of "Residential Address" and it keep declining saying "Denied registration resident with selected country " I am non Europe/US/CA resident. How do I get...
  19. miner

    local bitcoin wallet business address

    I am talking about a local bitcoin wallet such as electrum. A wallet where the private key is stored on my local computer. Not some website / cloud service. Can such a bitcoin address be legally assigned to a offshore cooperate? How would that work? In case anyone ever asks about it, just show...