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Question Long term tax entity, for income that should not arrive in China.

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Hello. I have been busy screening this forum for a few days now, but frankly I am too new to this and looking for some competent advice

My situation:
(1) I am from EU/France living in China
(2) I am about to be full time employed by a UK start up, and they want to pay me untaxed. I am still in China
(3) My business is consulting for one main and various entities, I take personally equity on occasion and income (majority of the cash inflow, from the above mentioned UK startup)
(4) I am not receiving a lot of money for this one job, and probably it will be this one job for a while. 40k Eur, but it will pile up.

Now I face the following issues:
-1 complicated tax situation, due to 3 countries involved so far.
-2 I am in China but I would love to keep every euro out of Chine at a safe haven.
-3 I am considering any country to incorporate a freelance or consultancy WOFE, in order to have tax minimised .
-4 The UK company in (2) is cooperative to pay me to Seychelles etc.
-5 Various activities are anticipated. Take equity, fee income, and crypto asset management, which is a lot under one umbrella, I assume...

What is your recommendation? Thank u for any advice


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Interesting advice from you "blockchain4ever"!

I am a bit afraid of the volatility though to be honest and would prefer a longer term option.
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