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Looking for a reliable Crypto Payment Processing


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Apr 26, 2020
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Looking for a reliable crypto processing company, with integrations to the most popular platforms preferably.

The more crypto they accept, the better.

With easy KYC, and less bureaucracy.

I have been using coinbase commerce, and it sucks, not much crypto, hard to contact them, kyc, bugs.

I've tried to apply to coinpayments long time ago, I think I got refused.
Why KYC - I have not done the slightes KYC with them, and used them as payment gateway for years for some projects.
I think they only allow the register it on behalf of your company, I think I had to provide an incorporation documents once I've opened my account.

In general coinbase sucks.

I have used NOWPayments — Accept Crypto Payments as a Business previously and it worked great, practically every well-known crypto can be processed through this gateway.

I was one of their first customers, and at that moment they did not have many integrations, but it took me only two days to integrate it with my service.
Seems like a good solution, thank you
I am - reliable. Yes, yes, I swear :D
Non custodial.
Not in release, but can be used already, if you're down to some small (big) inconveniences
Wait for about a few days - a week -- I'll deploy it on a domain.


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Back to the topic.

I've checked coingate, and it's soooo gay.

US companies not supported, UAE as address not supported and all the countries outside of the EU, asking for tax declaration, and bank statements, like wtf, I'm applying for a simple crypto processing, not getting a business bank account in some bank in Singapore.

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Coingate has been working fine for me for long time, I see the OCT forum is using them as well for payments in crypto.