Looking for an anonymous exchange that offers fiat trading

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  1. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson New Member

    I'm looking for a crypto exchange that fulfills the following criteria:

    - anonymous user sign-up and unlimited trading
    - reasonable choice of crypto assets (not just BTC, ETH, LTC)
    - allows trading between crypto and at least one fiat currency (I only need trading on their platform, not withdrawal)
    - solid, trustworthy management with proper security and financial safeguards

    I'm not asking much, am I?
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  2. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson New Member

    Instead of a fiat currency, if by any chance there were an exchange that offered gold or other metals to trade against crypto, that would also work.
  3. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Business Angel

    you'r kidding :D anonymity and "solid, trustworthy management with proper security..." how can that be connected ?

    The only one I know of where it's possible to do any anonymity is advcash or kraken
  4. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    It's not doable unless you use real darks or something!!
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  5. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson New Member

    blueweb, hope springs eternal!

    diablo, thanks, I'll probably sign up for darks at some point. I guess I need to get into the mentor group for that, is this correct?

    I should mention though that some exchanges offer USD Tether (USDT) which *allegedly* is backed 1:1 by real USD. That would do the trick. Unfortunately, some doubt has been thrown on this asset so I'm reluctant.

    Soon there will be DGX, a gold-backed crypto asset. The company behind it looks solid.
  6. Dagobert Duckson

    Dagobert Duckson New Member

    P.S. diablo, do darks also work with the better crypto exchanges, like Kraken or Coinbase?
  7. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    yes they Work if you know how to setup this!