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Looking for cards processing

The setup you're looking for is close to impossible. You can try ZEN someone recommended it in the other thread, onboarding is pretty hard due to the nature of business involving a CC processing and CRYPTO payout. (99% sure your business won't get approved)

You can use the search function and you will see that this topic has been discussed various times recently. (CC to CRYPTO Processing).

If you want some more answers you need to share some more details of your business. (jurisdiction, processing history?)

Filesharing is considered high risk, you might find a suitable provider in Mentor Group Gold, but I would "give up" on the crypto part, this will it only make harder / impossible to find a suitable provider.
Where are you located, do you have processing history or is it a startup business?

Do you own a company for this business?

As already pointed out here it is almost impossible, but as nothing is impossible when we talk Internet this can be done as well.

You can find lot's of valuable information in mentor group gold to get your business started, start here
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