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Discussion in 'Virtual Office Services' started by MRhostingC, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. MRhostingC

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    Hi, im interested in opening a leupay account + card.
    The question is: can i tell them to send the card to a forwarder service?
    must the forwarder addres match my "personal" (proof of addres) address?

    I live in spain, i want to use a UK id to ask for the card (using UK info/addres) at a uk forwarder and receive it in spain.

    I wont use my own ID as you can see and i want to remain anonimous to leupay.

  2. Admin

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    Yes it need to match your personal name and location!
  3. sialala

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    It's risky to start with leupay with fake address and ID. If they will freez Your acc with some money You will not pass the verification process for unblock. Pain in da ass, bro.
  4. Wastea

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    and regarding a business account? More information about it? Same process?