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  1. J

    Question Bankera allows physical card for nonEEAs ?

    AFAIU, the website clearly states all card fees for nonEEAs. This sounds too good to be true, since it is literally not possible to get the physical card for a nonEEA. Even the major players like Wirex and ADVcash keep that product in the "coming soon" status for years. With the current...
  2. W

    How risky is that setup?

    Hello. That's my first post. I'm fascinated by the info here and I'm willing to pay for the gold membership, but I was wondering if I could get some initial enlightenment. How risky is a setup where: You get paid by a company in the U.S though Bitwage, set to receive 100% in BTC. When you...
  3. V

    What the data of my card payment can see merchant?

    Hello. For example, I'm going to pay online with my debit card, the merchant asks me ONLY numbers, date and cvc. Can merchant see my full name? Processing is through STRIPE
  4. allthewayup

    Crypto Exchange & Virtual Bank for Colombia?

    What exchange is good to use for Colombian residents? Or also a virtual Bank account that i can use a Bank card thank you in advance
  5. K

    Is Leopay still working with old account holders ?

    Hello, As some of you know, Leopay (leupay) they changed their policy in regards to what countries they accept to do business with. I was using my account & their credit card for quite sometime until i received their email about this policy change on October 2018 saying that my account will be...
  6. V

    bitstamp and card deposit?

    Can anybody please confirm that bitstamp supports deposit using payment card WITHOUT 3d secure? What's the fee for this type of deposit? It doesn't seem to be publicly available without registration.
  7. D

    Complete noob question regarding personal Cyprus account.

    Hi, I am new to the whole offshore deal and I've got some questions... Actually a lot of them. If I get a personal account in Cyprus I also get a debit card, I'm right? Is using such a card where I am residing damaging to my privacy? Also, I am resident in Italy, does a Cyprus personal account...
  8. V

    Best offshore setup for cashing out Bitcoin and crypto?

    Hello all, New here and to the offshore corporation world, and impressed so far by what I'm discovering. I have cryptocurrency funds that I can't cash out in my EU country due to unbelievably high taxes. However I do not want to settle in some tax haven for now. Is the following setup...
  9. M

    Mail forwarder to receive a card

    Hi, im interested in opening a leupay account + card. The question is: can i tell them to send the card to a forwarder service? must the forwarder addres match my "personal" (proof of addres) address? Example: I live in spain, i want to use a UK id to ask for the card (using UK info/addres) at...
  10. M

    Best sollution for a hosting business

    Hi, its my first post heere. I have been reading post from offshorecorptalk and they are very interesting. Im spanish, and i have a small hosting website (i offer hosting, domains, SSL cert...) also i offer website creation. Im interested in create an offshore company for this (to avoid VAT...
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