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Merchant account for POS


I want to look for a payment processor that will grant me a POS for my company based on consulting services, which will be paid monthly/annually. The value of the transaction can exceed 6-7 figures, and transactions are made in face-to-face meetings with clients at their/my location. The company is registered in the UK, but I would like to use a merchant account that accepts USD/EUR. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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That just sounds like a bad idea, but if you insist and assuming you are based in the UK (resident), have a UK bank account, and the transactions take place in the UK, here are some popular options:

Some support DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) or multi currency processing. You might have to go through a sales cycle with them.

If you try to take the POS terminal outside of the UK, there's a significant risk that the terminal will be blocked. Accepting foreign cards is fine, though.

Most people that do something similar to what you're trying to do just email their clients a link from Stripe, Adyen, or other processor and take the payment online. For six-seven figure amounts, bank transfer is much more common.
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Bank Transfers may indeed be better for such high amounts or crypto.

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