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Moneybookers Question


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Jan 2, 2009
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1.) I know in some cases when buying and selling with PayPal, one person's personal details such as Name, Phone Number, Address, etc.. are disclosed upon payments.

Is this the same scenario for MoneyBookers?

Are names, addresses, numbers, etc... ever revealed upon payments with MoneyBookers?

2.) My second question is this, I am not 18 so I am not "legally" using MoneyBookers, but I have my legit personal information registered with the account. I have a 100% individual student banking account with Bank of America which I plan on withdrawing my MoneyBookers funds to. The names, numbers, address, etc... is all correct and legit - but the only thing that concerns me is the "Mr. " I had to identify when registering my MoneyBookers account. I do not recall a "Mr." when opening my bank account, so my question is - "Will this cause any conflict when withdrawing funds from my MoneyBookers account?"

I hope you guys understood my questions

1)- As far as I know your personal information is not disclosed while selling or buying with Moneybookers. I've used both personal and merchant accounts and never seen my information disclosed any where.

2)- Using 'Mr.' with your name on moneybookers account won't get you in any troubles with withdrawing funds. So don't worry

Hope this helps.
You should not worry about that, but still be carefull, no one knows which information some day will get released due to hackers! I'm kidding :D