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My PS3 Has Died !!!!!


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Jan 19, 2009
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Only had it just over a year. Now it won't read any games at all.

Sony will pick it up in 8 days, then it will take 21 days before i get it back. Thanks Sony... :tinysmile_angry_t:
megamath said:
This is almost the risk with any electronical device, they don't last for ever.
Sony and other makers would run out o business if they made these little things last a lifetime or if they provided lifetime warranties. Every product released to the market has an economic life.
The product life of an electrical device has it's own life cycle but in anyways it also a big part of the user why this happened. If you turn on your PS3 for 24/7 then it's understood that you are decreasing your gadgets life cycle.

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