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Hello Everyone,

I posted in another conversation my situation already, however this may gain a bit more engagement, so briefly explaining our situation we have a Panama company, were setting up an account with Homepage - Offshore Pro Group , they promised an account in 2 weeks time for basically 5k USD, we paid the money and were waiting on an account, as our partners were patiently waiting for us to set up our business. the business is very simple transparent and our customers are local in Panama , owned by Panamanian BO`S. So now after waiting all this time and very bad response time for them, we decided to contact the bank ourselves , and they said they needed the original forms signed , afterwards they informed us they were lacking most simple KYC documentation , which we had sent in original to the law office.
The issue isn't the money we seemed to have lost , but the time wasted as people have been waiting on us and we have failed to execute, at the moment they have given us September to provide account details, we are looking at banks like Euro Pacific Bank(already applied) , Belize International Bank and Cayes Bank, those as solutions fro the first transactions , maximum 4-5, around 500-700k USD. So we can get it rolling meanwhiles we need a solution for a serious bank account. I hope someone in forum can suggest a bank that can accept transactions from Central America, or someone is offering active accounts that we can purchase . Please let me know what is the best suggestion for our business?



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What do your travel documents say you are from and where residing lately?


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Lithuania passport, residing in Lithuania
Since you have lawyer's assurance, paid him for the service and time is of importance to you, I would fly there and visit them both (lawyer and bank) daily until the deal is done. Otherwise they may be playing the latin delay game with you for months. Once you are there, get multiple document copies and open several backup accounts. Forget about other substandard accounts you mentioned.


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Boslil Bank - Saint Lucia

Are you sure you can't use TW for the first transactions?

Best thing is not to rely on "introducers" and do it yourself. You can set an appointment with the bank manager and sort it out on one day. Panama is a nice place to spend a couple days.

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Boslil doesnt open accounts anymore for non st lucia companies. You could look into UIBT in curacao


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you can try in Mauritius banks - we opened 2 weeks ago bank acc in ONE bank on Belize co (generally the term of bank acc. opening - 1 month).
but Mauritius banks cooperate through the licensed agents only, our registered agent in Belize supported us in bank acc. opening process.
Belize International Bank - they can open account but it could takes around 6 months min.

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the best way to get account so soon is to move forward with EMI
you may try to start business with Transferwise/MisterTango or some other EMI while bank account is in progress


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Agreed with Samuel EMI is your best option,that will potentially have you live within those time frames

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