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UK Ltd with emi bank account

Need emi that offers dollar account

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I’ve had transferwise, but they blocked account and froze funds a while ago for no reason at all... that whole story took a month and a half and left a sour taste in my mouth, as I’d love to avoid situations like that in the future.

currently have a revolut account for business and very happy with it, but would like to have at least one or two back ups in case similar situation happens as with transferwise... are there any EMIs or banks that offer dollar business accounts apart from revolut and transferwise?

let me know if you got any suggestions guys. Neat? Bankera? Pervesk? Mercury is only for US businesses?


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Keep in mind it can be the same with your Revolut account. Both TW and Revolut block accounts for no big reason.

Bankera and Pervesk don't offer USD accounts, and not many do. A good option could be 3S Money Club, but they accept only low-medium risk businesses.

What is your business about and where it's incorporated? What is your citizenship and tax residency?


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Sad to hear another horror story about TW.
By the way I can confirm N26 blocks account with no big reason (more specifically, no reason given at all)

Looks like Neat might be a good option? Maybe Payoneer as well
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