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New bank account in Offshore country Tanzania!

Let's pour one out for sebastian here. Hopefully he got his money out of FBME before it all came crashing down. ;)
To think I downloaded their app and I was having a long thought over it 2013-2014 and decided nope I don't like this bank or Cyprus even due to Cyprus freezing of some banks especially those accounuts with more 100k euro. That was a year before FBME crisis and it was ironic that it was FBME who helped Cyprus govt through the crisis. I am glad I never even filled out the application or opened up an ac there. That money over 100k euro got taken by Cyprus govt forever. Most of the money was owned by Russian Mafia and Chinese, Indian businessman also. An Indian guy I was working with lost a chunk in that bank. It's amazing millionaires became paupers that day.