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New to paypal


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Jan 3, 2009
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I'm new to paypal sorry for my ignorance I just want to ask if I can accept payment in paypal even if it was not verified yet?

Second question I am currently using Personal is there a limitation as I am planning to have some sideline job online. If I upgrade to business is there another fee or transaction fee?

Yes you can accept paypal though you are not verified, but there is a receiving limit.

If you upgrade to business or premier, there is a small fee for receiving, but if you get credit card payments business account is the most suitable also you'll be covered by the PayPal seller protection policy.
You should get your account verified, in the long run it is better and will safe you some pain.
Yes ,there is a limit of 500$ per month for unverified personal account, you can accept the payment even though its not verified, but by getting verified you can have more advantages and you dont face any kind of disputes.