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None EU/US resident trying to process credit cards/bank account for legit business.


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Iam from Central America, Iam thinking of getting a company formed in Europe to be able to access top notch bredit card processors like Braintree, Square, or Stripe. Why? I want to launch a legitimate business and also need a bank account to recieve sepa transfers. Then ultimately transfer those (somehow) by payoneer or swift to my home country. Even though its a legit business i dont want to go for Atlas from stripe.

What do I need for this?

a.) Going down the path of getting an Estonia company with e residency the problem is that stripe doesnt reconogize this, and iam left with small processors that charge you minumm commitments, and a bank account in Estonia will charge you monthly just because you have an e residency. Plus I think stripe still wont event setup the account if iam not a citizen of their supported country. After all of this I cant understand how to make return taxes .

b.) Getting a Cryprus company, and then try to get a bank account but banks dont say if they allow non us/eu residents as the owners of the company and Cyprus companies are a lot costly then an estonia one. Again I dont know about the tax returns, i dont want to get into trouble here.

Iam lost, there MUST be a way to simplify this taking into consideration my non us/eu resident and not get ripped off with maintenance fees because of this (some smaller services charge $100/month... or even now 2 checkout is charging 6% for processing ccs that ridiculous for a legit consulting business).


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did you get any solution for this, please? I would Like to know very much.I'm pretty much frustrated too


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Alright you can do as follow .

1- get an estonian e-residency card, it will be shipped to the Estonian general consulate of your country.
2- create an Estonian entity, takes a couple of days and doesn't require lots of fees.
3- Build your website and get your business ready.
4- Reply to this message or DM me, I will provide you some good processors with good fees, high acceptance rate.

Disclaimer : I am not selling anything, I am not charging for anything.


EU IBANs for everyone!
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what is your average check via card and are these eu customers or not?
have a solution with 3DS always enabled but settlement is instant


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what is your average check via card and are these eu customers or not?
have a solution with 3DS always enabled but settlement is instant
Looks like you are able to deliver such solutions, that's good to know thu&¤#
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