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Offline Offshore Company?

Most people register an Offshore company for offline business, since it is of huge benefit for them, one would do it because htey want to buy another company but not want to be known as the real buyer, other will do complicated transactions (offline) through an Offshore Company, the reasons are many, most use it for offline business / purpose.
I must admit with Davidm23, a offshore company isn't any different then any regular company, it is just a term which describe the company form.

Most often a offshore company formation covers the meaning of a NO TAX PAING company. Thats the same for offshore jurisdictions which are also called Tax havens because of the same, you simply don't pay TAX, this is the major reason at least for why people are going offshore, others might be privacy and assets protection.

davidm23 said:
Offshore is just as a label for your company to save your money. This is mostly used by globally for avoiding the extra tax and legal problems. Making a company online or offline does not matter at all in terms of offshore. Most of the big big business ( I mean registered as offshore) are offline. So no need to bother about offline and online.