Offshore bank accounts


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You should 100% open a brokerage account at a well known US based FDIC insured commercial bank like Merril Lynch, Wells Fargo Investors, or BBVA Group.

All can be done remotely and they are the best banks for this in the world.
thank you for your answer. to be honest I was waiting switzerland, luxemburg or countries like that as a recommendation not US :) Are you sure that I won't be paying taxes? And can I also have a normal savings account with them?


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Honestly, those banks suck. All banks outside the United states except for a select few, suck, are expensive, and dont let you do anything. Then when shit hits the fan they make it difficult for you to move funds.

If you are wealthy enough you can do it remotely, if not you have to go in person. They will open anything you want in person. If you are a foreigner then you dont pay taxes in the US. If you make a foreign company and open a brokerage account you also will not be paying taxes. If you open an LLC or some sort of US Entity, you will be obligated to file a return.


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But personal visit may always be required or what you think? How can this depend on how wealthy one is?


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Interesting data. So you'll want to avoid Italian, French, Spanish and Greek banks, and the safest banks are in Estonia and Lithuania. I'm not really surprised.


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I have a Hong Kong company registered since 5 years, I'm doing international trading, can a Hong Kong company have an offshore bank account in cyprus or any other place? Knowing that it's almost impossible to get a Hong Kong and singapore bank account open lately.


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It seems to me that it is convenient to use offshore banks. The main thing is to find the right one.
A couple of years ago I used the services of a Cypriot bank (I will not disclose the name), where almost half a year could not withdraw money.
Then I got my money and changed the bank.
Now all the funds in Delta West Credit Bank. Convenient at reasonable prices. For the transfer - for 0.5% of the amount. They do not care where my company is in and what kind of activity it has.
A couple of transfers came a couple of days later than necessary. but after problems with the Cypriot bank - this is not a problem at all.
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Can anyone please recommend a good service to open a personal Bank account in Europe? No presence req'd is a must. I can't seem to find a service online which is not a scam asking me to send a western union payment to someone in Texas.


Did Mistertango lose their intermediary bank for swift payments? The banking details aren't shown on their website anymore.


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tu happyjhon
I tried to open a corporate seychelles account at europacificbank and they just rejected me without explanation. I write it here because I like the bank and I do not know if someone here can help me. Thank you.