Offshore Company + Bank Account and more...

Hello there! Im new here. So i want tho start a company for data server hosting with my own name and ip4. And i need a offshore company for this. I have wounder about Nevis, belize and Secyllene. It's important for me that i can use it tho bussines invester deals and partnership whit out problems. And now i wounder.
1. Can i register a offshore company with alias name? (Not my legit name)
2. Can i have a bank that will work nice for paypal and master card/visa ?

Later i wounder is. Can i get a offshore bank that work with alias name tho? And let me use paypal... ?
I only know swiss is good but i know nothing.

This will be used for a legit providing and let my costumer/client have some privatcy when it comes tho data storage. Why i want a offshore company and bank is 1, less tax and more privatcy/freedom
I want tho register with alias sice if my service go bad then i will not have any on my name/id record who say i did it wrong. Im a nice guy who just like tho be keep unknow as it can. Sorry for bad engelish. I will ofs let some do the eneglish part for me in this brand:)