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  1. orangeye

    What are the Top 10 offshore banks you trust?

    I hope you fellows are able to help me a little out here, I want to know what you think are the best "real" offshore banks in the world. I know about CIM Bank, and I know about Bank Frick and Ameria Bank so there is Capital Security bank and DukasCopy.. Do you know any better?
  2. Sir Gelato

    Prominence Bank Comoro Island

    Hello Guys, I've been searching for Banks on Comoro Island, and I've find out Prominence Bank, has anybody work with them or have any review if they are some kind of fraud or are real. Based on many posts of the forum talking about the Fake Banks of the Comoro Island, it is quite usually to...
  3. D

    Offshore Company + Bank Account and more...

    Hello there! Im new here. So i want tho start a company for data server hosting with my own name and ip4. And i need a offshore company for this. I have wounder about Nevis, belize and Secyllene. It's important for me that i can use it tho bussines invester deals and partnership whit out...
  4. Stefano3323

    Is Euro Deniz IBU Bank legit?

    Hello guys, I got contacted by Euro Deniz IBU bank to offer their services to our clients. I tried to look for some info online and from their website (Home) it doesn't seems to good. Now, I don't want to be the person who point the finger just because a website is not very good, so I...
  5. M

    Offshore business bank account with Visanet

    Hello everyone, Does any one here have a clue about Visanet ? I'd like to open an Offshore business account and i want to be able to perform Visanet transaction. So if someone here has ever experienced working to that, Need more informations
  6. jakonda

    New crypto&internet business friendly bank in the making (Malta)

    Just came across an info that new crypto, internet business, startups, etc. friendly bank called Founders Bank is in the making in the beautiful island of Malta. CEO is ex-Deutche i-banker, their c-level team also looks legit with strong background. I think it could be interesting to follow the...
  7. V

    betfair with offshore bank account

    hello everyone , im from Albania ,all form of gammbling in albania are illegal .im a professional trader at betfair ,I found my way of working .I would like to know if I can register at an offshore bank where I can directly link my betfair account . Or which bank or ewallet can offer me a visa...
  8. Dubsize

    Puerto Rican offshore bank offer services to U.S persons

    Hi All, I have been spending quite some time on the web trying to find if an offshore licensed bank in Puerto Rico could offer services to U.S residents/citizens. I see for example EPB is not accepting to deal with U.S citizens/residents, However, I could not find any law preventing them to...
  9. greenbeans

    Offshore Company Guide?

    I've been searching all over the interest in an attempt to find information regarding a legit offshore company. It seems all that I can find is bits and pieces of information or someone is trying to sell you their method of getting an offshore company which I'm not interested in. I'm a...
  10. Dubsize


    Hi All, Just found out this company: PAA Capital Group. Seems like they're an EMI. they have a Licence in Botswana and in Czech Republic. They are receiving money on behalf of their client in pretty decent bank in Czech republic. Don't know about Botswana but of course would never trust this...
  11. J

    Need banking account in Bermuda

    Dear All, Any suggestion how to open a corporate bank account in Bermuda? Thank you
  12. J

    Open bank account in Barbados

    Dear All, Any suggestion with good bank names in Barbados in order to open a corporate account?
  13. J

    Open a corporate bank account in Costa Rica

    Dear All, Any recommendations with name of bank accept to open a corporate account?
  14. J

    Open offshore bank in dominican republic

    Dear All, Any recommendation to open a corporate bank account in Dominican republic? Regards
  15. H

    Countries which do not require police background verification for residency.

    Hope you guys will not lecture me on duties of a responsible citizen etc. etc. [That is why I am not posting this on reddit.] I am a citizen and resident of a south asian country, I have not paid taxes in the last 5 years, but now I am receiving preliminary letters from the tax department, I...
  16. J

    Best company to for offshore company formation for large businesses

    I run a Large consultancy corporation, and taxes are crippling. Looking around the web I see tons of offshore company formation groups. Not really sure who to go with. What I need is formation of my offshore company in a country that is hassle free and I would like a bank that allows large...
  17. Flycatcher

    Offshore Company + Bank + Merchant Acc. for a startup?

    Hey all! I recently got interested in establishing an offshore company, sorry, I just found OffshoreCorpTalk and already want to make a post asking questions, please forgive me. >.< I don't want to appear as a typical noob, here I'll try to make my case clear... So! Here's my business plan...
  18. khan

    Offshore bank account with insurance needed

    I need an offshore bank account that also provide insurance for certain amounts that I keep on the account. My problem is that I want to deposit a large amount of euros into a offshore bank. With all what has happened in the past then I would avoid to lose my money if we get another financial...
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