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  1. Dubsize

    Dubsize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Hi All,

    Just found out this company: PAA Capital Group. Seems like they're an EMI.
    they have a Licence in Botswana and in Czech Republic. They are receiving money on behalf of their client in pretty decent bank in Czech republic. Don't know about Botswana but of course would never trust this place to keep my money.

    this is their website : Home - PAA Capital Group of Companies

    anyone ever dealt with then or is currently dealing with them? any review ? safe or not?

    any comment is welcome :) thanks!

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  2. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    That's interesting may be worth to open an account with them if possible to check them out!
  3. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    It seems like this James Bond looking german guy Cem Wald had a vision of creating a global financial services group. smi(&%

    Looks like he is not quite there yet with the setup but if it works it works. Let us know how you get on hi%#

    Home - Cem Wald
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  4. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Why I have a bad feeling ?
  5. Nyep

    Nyep Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Might be the lack of transparent fee schedule? If anyone knows the fees or has other information, please update.
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  6. paacapital

    paacapital New Member

    Hello all, the fees are no real secret. Many elements are not openly published yet, as onboarding is only available upon invitation and not public YET. And yes, there may be other deficiencies also still to be addressed, but we are working on.



    Account opening fee EUR 500.00
    Monthly Administrative fee (Corporate Accounts) EUR 30.00
    Monthly Administrative fee (Personal Accounts) EUR 20.00

    Payment transaction fees

    Transfer between accounts 0%, no min.
    Transfer between users 0%, no min.
    Incoming payments 0.2%, min. EUR 30
    Outgoing payments 0.2%, min. EUR 40

    In addition, regular payment transaction expenses (foreign bank charges) are also charged in accordance with separate tariffs.

    Miscellaneous, Special Requests, High Risk Countries Involvement

    According to expenditure
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  7. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    This turned this thread strange spa#¤%&spa#¤%&spa#¤%&spa#¤%&spa#¤%&spa#¤%&spa#¤%&
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  8. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    So agree with you @auric ..
    Bad feeling I said :)
  9. paacapital

    paacapital New Member

    Why? What happened? I noticed a lot of traffic and looked for the source. Was just trying to help answering your questions. No offense and no spam. Sorry if this was misunderstood.
  10. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    Thank you for the information!

    Some questions about your service:

    1) Do you provide personal separate IBAN for companies, which open a corporate account at PAA Capital Group?

    2) Do you provide possibility transfer funds from PAA Capital Group corporate account to the bank accounts outside EU (SEPA)?

    3) If yes, when the Company will transfer funds - which name will be in bank details as the sender - Name of the account holder Company or PAA Capital Group?
  11. paacapital

    paacapital New Member

    Hello, some valid questions and exactly the items we are working on and one of the reasons why we have not gone public yet. Makes me wonder how we ended up in this Forum/thread?! It is only for a closed circle of known entities.

    However, to answer your questions:

    1) No personal IBAN at this time (unfortunately). We are working on, but the challenge is to find the right partner for. Most provide these IBAN's only to entities from the EU, which is useless for us. This comes with a lot of restrictions, terms and conditions to meet. It would work if we would operate only with the SEPA region, but that is not the idea. So not ready yet.

    2) Transfers are possible worldwide, within the legitimate framework of the financial network (no sanctioned countries). So yes, whether SEPA or Swift is no problem.

    3) Sender is PAA CAPITAL and account holder only within the reference field. Similar to TransferWise (before they introduced their borderless accounts) and other service providers. It is anticipated to change this, once we have the real IBAN solution in place and not virtual IBANs like many have.
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  12. Nyep

    Nyep Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Appreciate you coming here and answering these directly. It's a rare occurrence.

    The fees are quite high in comparison to competitors, so I'm guessing you'll be accepting higher risk businesses then?
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  13. Dubsize

    Dubsize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    You're on google... nothing strange about being here. We're constantly discussing about EMI and banks here... Yours was found out surfing the web, therefore becomes interesting and discussed here.
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  14. Dubsize

    Dubsize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Yep, that's true. This is something nice.
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  15. paacapital

    paacapital New Member

    Yes, the fees are quite high and we are aware of this. I personally do not like it, especially when being spoiled by the known pricing fees from German banks and Fintech companies all over the world. But we do have a mixed calculation in here, some banks charge us less but there are also some banks, which charge us more than we charge. If you look at some Swiss banks, they charge more than we and require heavy initial deposits which must remain in the account at all times. So in lieu of this, it makes our pricing relative again I would say.

    In addition, our aim is to integrate at one point also direct SWIFT connectivity, which would allow any account holder to issue within his online banking the option to issue Letters of Credit for their International Trading. The idea is some sort of PayPal, but for commodity trading.

    We are doing this with International operating entrepreneurs in mind, as we come from International businesses. We know exactly the currently problematic situation for having bank accounts for normal legitimate businesses.

    However, since we also work on payment gateways for online businesses, we consider also onboarding higher risk businesses.... without issuing a "carte blanche" at this point. But if there is a legitimate business underlying, then we do support this for sure.
  16. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Okay sufficient with advertising for your service! Normally I would have removed this thread and banned OP and @paacapital for spamming this forum!

    Anyway, I have a good day today and let this stay but this thread is closed. Let it be a warning so this won't repeat, next time the ban hammer will smash.
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