Offshore company/bank account and payment gateways for e-commerce

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    I have found this list of EMI
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    VPS = Virtual Private Server - It's used for many reasons but I think @auric suggested it because you may obtain a local IP address this way which is required for PayPal.
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    This is true, and he may have as well wanted to write VPN.
    Thanks for your answer.

    Just the interesting thing is, when you google for VPS you get totally different results based on the country from which IP address you are surfing... dead:-!
    But to the most, it doesnt change your residence, when wanting to apply for paypal. They have this regulation for a longer time, like minimum 3 years already, to make sure, at least in USA accounts, the copany and the bank account must be in the USA as well as the citizen is residental. Even if one gets the PP account today, its not according to their terms and can be all the time frozen, wihtout warning. Or?
  4. Samuel Newman

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    it is also possible to have offshore company + US bank account + PP
    Paypal conditions for different countries might be checked here
    Send and Receive International Payments - PayPal Worldwide

    most of countries (including Belize, Bahamas, Cyprus etc.) have possibility to withdraw fund to US bank account

    also, it is possible to set up offshore PP structure with company formed in Mauritius + MCB account (MCB is the ony one bank, that supports Paypal in Mauritius)
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    So do you mean that I can incorporate in Mauritius for example and open a bank account in the US for my company then create a US PayPal account without any issue ?

    I read that it was not possible if your bank account and company were in a different country !!!

    I think this is to avoid transfer fees between countries (as I want to sell products only to the US), am I right ?

    Regarding Mauritius, an agency proposed to me incorporate in Mauritius and the local ABC bank.
  6. Alf

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    So do you mean that creating a US PayPal account is not possible if you don't live in the same country where your company is incorporated ??
  7. Alf

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    Yes, I know now, thank you ;)
    I already have a VPN (without logs) but it seems that the VPS is a better choice.
  8. Samuel Newman

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    ABC bank do not support PayPal, only MCB

    no, you may open Belizian or Bahamian PP (where you company is incorporated) and withdraw funds to the account of the company in US bank
    it works only with US bank account, take a look at the link on Paypal, that I've posted

    Belize company+ Cyprus bank acc. would not work, for example

    regarding VPNs be careful with mass used VPNs, because PP may freeze your account if they figure out, that you use VPN
  9. Alf

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    Samuel, sorry for misunderstanding, but I saw your link and don't get it. I mean, I can transfer funds from my PayPal account to my Mauritius Bank account (MCB only), so where is the issue her ?

    Do you mean Mauritius is only allowed to send and not receive money ?

    So if I'm right, I can incorporate in Mauritius, open the company bank account in the USA and open a US PayPal account without any problem ?
    PayPal does not force you to have the company and bank account in the same country ?
    What about 2CO ? Do they have the same policy ?
  10. Samuel Newman

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    There are fully functional Paypal in Mauritius, but only Mauritius Commercial Bank supports PayPal
    if you have company in Mauritius and bank account in MCB ( everything might work completely well
    MCB is a good bank, but it is rather difficult to get account there are nowadays
    you do not need to have account in US, if you have account in MCB

    PP requires bank account in the same country, but for some countries bank account in US is an option too

    Sorry, do not have experience with 2CO, but I have seen recently here Diablo's answer, that 2CO is easier to set up and it is possible to receive PP through 2CO

    also, it is possible to set up HK company + HK EMI + PP

    or HK company + HK bank account + PP (but this option is expensive, requires visit to HK and the UBO might have business experience as a background)
  11. Alf

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    Thank you Samuel for your kind reply ;)

    I do not have company in Mauritius yet. I plan to incorporate there because you do not need any bookkeeping instead of HK or Cyprus (a hell for these countries).

    So I wanted to know if I could incorporate in Mauritius (Belize should be a good option too, but Amazon does not allow this country as a seller) with a US bank account in order to open a US PayPal and 2CO accounts.
  12. Samuel Newman

    Samuel Newman Offshore Desk expert Business Angel

    it is possible for sure, but it might be difficult without introducer

    you work as a seller at US Amazon?
    if so, US account is the only option
    they require US bank account for US Amazon and EU bank account for EU Amazon
    and Indian bank account for ...
  13. Alf

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    I do not work as an Amazon seller. My priority is to create a Shopify/BigCommerce store and sell only in the US (I'm french and based in France).
    So without to be introduced, you mean that it's going to be difficult to open an US bank account for an offshore company ?
  14. Samuel Newman

    Samuel Newman Offshore Desk expert Business Angel

    yep, it might be difficult
    I work with American accountant, who has good relations with bank managers in Florida
  15. Alf

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    So do you mean that you already created that type of structure : offshore company and US bank account ?
  16. Samuel Newman

    Samuel Newman Offshore Desk expert Business Angel

    I have done it several times
    with BVI, Belize and UK LLP formed by 2 Seychelles IBC
  17. Alf

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    What do mean by "formed by 2 Seychelles IBC" ?
    The Seychelles company is the owner of the others ?
    What is the most of that kind of structure ?
    Is it still possible at this time to make it works with US PayPal account ?
    Are you able to share your accountant contact in the US ?