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Offshore company for Propert Investment in France, any good?


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Jan 2, 2009
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I'm in the middle of an 1 million EURO investment in some property in south France, we are a group of investors and some from the group have an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands through which he make his share of the investment.

Now I'm considering to form a offshore company in the same jurisdiction or maybe Cyprus, does it safe me any tax or have other advantages?
We have done this with a project in Italy where we bought some property to be rented in the holiday seasons it went out pretty well. We have been an investment group of about 10 people which made the total investment through 1 Offshore Company, behind this company there was only offshore companies which made the registration of that only company for the only purpose of that investment. It was an EUR 6.9 million investment.
In which century are you living, it is known by all professionals that such investments are the best to do offshore.

Many have an offshore company in Cyprus if they make investments in Europe since it is way easier to get your fingers on the right property doing so!
pretty good amount to invest, exactly all right, you all partners should form a group first and then registered as a offshore company in the same jurisdiction where you want to invest in property. You will have many benefits like tax exemption.

good luck for your investment.

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