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Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by Admin, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. ANoNeMeSS

    ANoNeMeSS New Member

    yeah Seychelles Company Formation i like.
  2. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Belize and St. Kitts and Nevis are better than Seychelles. thu&¤#
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  3. ANoNeMeSS

    ANoNeMeSS New Member

    Belize..... ok ;)
  4. Richmond

    Richmond Member Entrepreneur

    I agree with you. St. Kitts and Nevis works fine. I'm satisfied.
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  5. Raymond

    Raymond New Member


    I am quite new and about to start my first offshore venture. I wanted to know if the Mentor Group Access would help me get highly reliable agents to setup my offshore company, setup bank accounts, help me attain privacy and also help me build multi-layered offshore structure for highest protection and privacy. I am from India, and would like to know if there are any from my country or know about my country that would help in easy formation. Thanks.
  6. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    You may subscribe to Mentor Group for the reason to get information that is not posted in the public forums.
  7. goldmann

    goldmann Member

    I have setup a few EMI's with darks and also setup offshore corps with them. It has been a little bit trikcy to get setup but all is fine by now!
  8. Brutus

    Brutus New Member Entrepreneur

    Could you dive deeper as to why?
  9. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    because Seychelles is not offering any privacy any longer compared to the past and to the other mentioned jurisdictions.
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  10. Richie

    Richie New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I want to start my first adventure with IBC offshore company + bank account + PayPal account. Before start the process to do it I have some questions I would like to know to get the best option.

    My business is in forex, currently I'm working with MAM accounts, that means people open an account with a broker, send an auorization to him and copy trades of my account. I never have access to deposits or accounts or open directly orders in their accounts.

    I would like to know what is the best jurisdiction to do this with any financial license and who can help me to start the process to create all.

  11. Richie

    Richie New Member


    I was reading all posts in the forum to update myself about offshore world. Finally I need this:
    • Offshore company that allow forex managment without license, with no public registry and without nominee.
    • Offshore debit card with IBAN
    • Passport and all documents including signature of figurehead.
    If anyone can help me it would be of great help I will view my PM.

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  12. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    How wdo you want to operate something that require a license without license ?

    A good approach would also be to upgrade your account to mentor group as it will give you access to insider information about all of this ;)
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  13. Richie

    Richie New Member

    I know some jurisdictions don't need it, but I prefer a experience user in company formation confirm it. I was thinking about Mentor Group, I will use the forum some days to check how it works and if I like it, upgrade :)
  14. Mero

    Mero New Member

    I am new in this forum. Thanks for share ;)
    I live in France and i would like to create a company in Malta. I am sport tipster since 7 years. Can someone help me ? Like give me some trust agents or how to do
    Thanks again.
  15. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    welcome aboard, you may create a new thread for this purpose or check some of the existing threads to get better and faster answers ;)
  16. laurie

    laurie New Member

    What do you mean by sport tipster ? Unless it's online Bercy/La Direction general des Finances Publiques will be quick to suspect that the effective place of your business is in France.

    Et je sais de quoi je parles :)
  17. Mero

    Mero New Member

    Je n'habiterai plus en France et tout se fera en ligne.
  18. laurie

    laurie New Member

    I'm not sure I'm autorized to speak French here.

    I can advise you to open the company/bank account when you have your new residential adress.
    I dunno your situation (where you will reside where the revenues are from...) but if it's an online business it's less likely you get trouble. I guess you do body building videos on YouTube
  19. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    No, this forum is in English, other language is not allowed otherwise posts will be deleted.
  20. Navitas

    Navitas New Member