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Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by BD1166, Jun 18, 2017.

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    I am considering opening an offshore company in Belize, however, I'm wondering if I should choose the nominee services or not.
    What if the company I use to create the company goes out of business or decides to take over the company?
    What are the drawbacks of using my own name as director and shareholder? How private is this information?
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  2. Internationaloff

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    It depends on your needs.
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    So far there is no public registry in Belize, means, your name and information are protected from public view.

    It depends, usually if you go with some of the major services in Belize nothing like what you wrote will happen using Nominees, they don't just take over you company.
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  4. suzy

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    Then you move the company to another agent, done, easy as this!
    It depends where you are going to incorportae your business. Some jurisdiction still maintain secrecy means no public registry! However, you never know when this will change!