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nominee director

  1. tibor

    Reliable EU Nominee services?

    Hello, I am hopeful someone may have information about this topic. Only for the purpose of protecting my privacy, I am looking to hire a nominee director within the EU. This would be in my country of residence (but I do not need the director from here, it can be any EU), I don't really need to...
  2. FreedomSearcher

    Nominee Director For Hong Kong Company Questions

    Where can you get nominee directors for Hong Kong LTD companies? Are there any trustworthy and reasonably priced providers? How safe or dangerous is it to have a nominee director in a Hong Kong company? What are the risks involved?
  3. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  4. EliasIT

    COMPLETED Need UK resident director for one of our companies.

    I will try here to seek for a UK resident director for one of our companies. The company is only used as an payment processor for other companies and therefore has no assets nor any liabilities. It is a requirement from the payment processor it use to handle credit cards to have a UK resident...
  5. D

    Nominee directors in Montenegro

    Hello! Is anyone incorporated in Montenegro? I would like to know if there are any reliable providers of nominee directors in this country? Do you think that having a company incorporated in Montenegro + a local nominee director and an office would work well with the Portuguese NHR? Thanks a lot
  6. D

    Nominee directors in Romania

    Hello there! Does anyone know a trustworthy provider for nominee directors in Romania? On this forum I've found some recommendations for such providers in Bulgaria, but I'm looking for those in Romania specifically
  7. P

    Reliable offshore formation agent for SVG + a ND available to sign anything

    Hello, I have reviewed for quite some time the threads on the forum and still can not find an reputable agent that can open an LLC in the SVG (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) + (Nominee Director) ND. I have contacted multiple companies found on Google and I am in deeply in the talks with one...
  8. Z

    Getting a Nominee Director to apply for Shopify Payments

    Hello, I do e-commerce (Dropshipping & Amazon FBA) through my UK LTD. I'm Moroccan and resident in France. I keep getting rejected by Shopify Payments because I don't have a real presence in the UK. I just heard about the concept of a nominee director and I'm wondering if it will be possible to...
  9. F

    Cyprus Company + Non Dom

    Hello, I am Spanish, but I currently reside and have a company in Andorra since January 2021. Due to YouTube's policy of withholding 30% of income from the United States to countries without double taxation treaties, it is not worth it for me to continue having the company in Andorra and spend...
  10. O

    Nominee director protection

    Hi everyone, My question is simple, what are the benefits to hiring a nominee director in Cyprus? More importantly, I would like to know how do you protect yourself and your interests? As far as I know (and have asked & received answers), this person can cause serious damage (for example, sell...
  11. M

    looking for a nominee director in Ireland

    Hi, happy to be a part of the community! I am looking for a person who is willing to take over the position of a nominee director for a company based in Ireland. It doesn't specifically have to be a nominee director as my client doesn't care about anonimity, but a person who will supervise the...
  12. E

    Questions about Nominees

    Just a couple questions regarding nominees - If you decide to choose a nominee to open a bank account for you for privacy, i hear many people saying "choose someone you trust". What if you DONT have someone you trust?, bearing in mind that "someone you trust" would be maybe a family member...
  13. N

    Hong Kong Nominees for PayPal/Stripe [Urgent]

    Hello, I am acquiring a business that handles all of its subscriptions through PayPal/Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe accepts a very limited number of countries: Stripe: In Ihrem Land To maintain the subscriptions, I am planning to incorporate in Hong Kong and using a nominee. However, I am...
  14. Nanoo

    Nominee director

    Where can i find a nominee director for an offshore company in the EU? I find Online services so shady with no reviews available.
  15. C

    Prevent Subpoenas and Frivolous Lawsuits

    I'm new to offshoring and I would like to setup an offshore company that I can use with maybe a nominee director(or shareholder) to register all my hosting accounts, paypal, etc. and not reveal myself as the owner if the company is subpoenaed in a civil lawsuit - as the person who subpoenas my...
  16. T

    When do you need nominees?

    I am about to form my LLC in Nevis and I'm deciding if I want to have nominees or not. What would be the advantages? What would be the disadvantages? My residency is in a non-collaborative country with Nevis and I think there is no public registry there, so I should be covered privacy-wise...
  17. Dubsize

    Cyprus offshore comp.

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here, so am I in the offshore world - this forum is very helpful. I have 2 questions regarding Cyprus offshore incorporation : 1) Is there any risk with using nominee's services ? I am not familiar with this use and I am afraid since officially, someone else is the...
  18. Luigi

    Nominee directors and shareholders

    Hello Everybody, I'd like to set up a company and one of the options is the nominee directors and nominee shareholders. Can anyone explain me what is really this concept? Does it really worth? Can you trust in this person for example for opening the company's bank account? Did anyone had a bad...
  19. BD1166

    Offshore Company in Belize

    I am considering opening an offshore company in Belize, however, I'm wondering if I should choose the nominee services or not. What if the company I use to create the company goes out of business or decides to take over the company? What are the drawbacks of using my own name as director and...
  20. S

    How to register a offshore company with nominees?

    I have setup a 100% anonymous company with dark docs. all great I'm so happy! Now I read here and there that nominee's is required to stay anonymous if I want to use my own docs for another setup. What are these nominees and how do I insert them?