1. M

    Asset preservation options

    Due to all the changes in the offshore world lately, I decided not to use my Belize IBC anymore for business transactions. Since there are still considerable assets on the accounts of this IBC, I wondered what the best action to take would be with the purpose of holding/preserving the assets...
  2. A

    Business Paypal or Payoneer for Belize, Nevis, Cayman Islands IBC

    Suppose one has an IBC in Belize with a bank account in Belize or an IBC in Nevis with a bank account in Nevis or an IBC in Cayman with a bank account in Cayman. Is it possible to get a Paypal or Payoneer business account and receive one monthly payment from an EU partner and then transfer that...
  3. U

    Forex Trading for Indian Individual

    Hi all, I have looked up on A LOT of information on the internet so far and still feel lost and confused about offshore companies. As an Indian citizen and resident, forex trading is illegal. I would like to invest/trade in Forex market as I have been doing good in Forex trading since last...
  4. O

    Belize IBC + St Lucia bank account + residency in the Bahamas

    Hello, I am happy to join this community after so many hours reading the content of this forum. I think I am pretty much ready to start writing the offshore chapter of my business story but I would like to have more experienced people's feedback or point of view in case I have missed anything...
  5. Bit Tilted

    EMI with Magento APK?

    Does anyone know of an EMI with Magento APK? For Belize LLC? US $, SWIFT xfers in and out.
  6. E

    Payment Gateway + Business Structure for Design Industry

    Industry: Explainer Videos. Clients: from the US mostly. Payment Gateways needed, any of the payment gateways supported by clickfunnels: Apple/Android Pay Bluesnap EasyPayDirect Infusionsoft NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros) OntraPort Recurly Stripe I thought about Belize and Nevis , and...
  7. C

    Prevent Subpoenas and Frivolous Lawsuits

    I'm new to offshoring and I would like to setup an offshore company that I can use with maybe a nominee director(or shareholder) to register all my hosting accounts, paypal, etc. and not reveal myself as the owner if the company is subpoenaed in a civil lawsuit - as the person who subpoenas my...
  8. M

    St. Vincent IBC; any owners?

    Does anyone have any experience with a St. Vincent formation? Many years ago, I had a bank account with Loyal Bank. What a joke! Now I’m considering an IBC have am looking at both St. Vincent and Belize. I’ve read that St. Vincent is very corrupt. Just want to hear the experience of others.
  9. T

    Bank account in Belize when raising money via ICO

    So I know that companies that trade in crypto assets are having a hard time getting a bank account in Belize. But what about an entity that wants to raise money via a token sale and convert the incoming ETH & BTC to fiat currency and transfer that to a bank in Belize? The entity itself will not...
  10. bwana

    Best Stock Broker for IBC

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know which Brokers were the best in USA for trading stocks via Belize IBC, corporate account so as to not pay taxes on profits. Also I want privacy with my government (not american) so im concerning which bank account would be suitable. If someone has done something...
  11. Dude

    Need a good source that is reliable for business registration in belize

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to register my company in Belize. Can anybody provide a good reputable Belize business registering company that I can use ? Must be: 1. Cheap or reasonable price 2. Fast turn around time 3. Not scam.. I have a few company that i'm looking into currently but would also...
  12. sialala

    Offshore and paying out the money

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am newbie in the business of an offshore companies and etc. I would like to start my own e-business in one of EU country. An one of the most bureaucratic and taxed state in Europe. I am wondering about an offshore company in Belize for my business. I would...
  13. BD1166

    Offshore Company in Belize

    I am considering opening an offshore company in Belize, however, I'm wondering if I should choose the nominee services or not. What if the company I use to create the company goes out of business or decides to take over the company? What are the drawbacks of using my own name as director and...
  14. L

    Set up for online dating service

    Hi, What set up (company + bank account) would you guys recommend for setting up an online dating service, like Will only need one director and one employee to begin with (same person). So far been looking at RAK (both company and bank account), Seychelles/Belize company with...
  15. N

    Beware of a dirty business maker

    Mr. Titov who is the owner of the following sites: Belize-offshore-immigration-visas-residency-real estate Belize Offshore Company Formation | Same Day Service Belize offshore company formation by Titoff Realty Ltd. is a very unreliable person. He provides untruthful information, makes...
  16. NoMoreTaxes

    Is Belize still a good place to form an online business?

    Hello, this is my first post. I scanned through the forum, but didnt find anything that fully answers my question. My plan is to open an online business in Belize, and move to Panama. I decided for Belize as accounting isnt mandatory, corp taxes are 0% and I can run the company anonymously...